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One of Aurora’s key roles is assisting with business security as it is broadly understood.
We believe a safe business is one that is keenly aware of its surroundings, of its threats and how to mitigate them.

The sheer number of potential threats and the areas in which they can occur is so great that ad hoc, simplistic solutions are simply ineffective. This is why Aurora offers complex corporate security services, which can be adjusted as needed in scope and methodology, either through limiting or increasing their breadth and extent.

The range of our services encompasses practically all aspects of business which are exposed to security risks that can seriously disrupt operations, such as:

Creating corporate security systems

Aurora helps and advises in the construction
of corporate security systems and employee
training and provides support during incidents
related to business security, including
crisis management.

Threat management

We assist our clients through supplying intelligence on the business
environment, advising on threat detection, implementing preventative
measures and support in the face of adverse business security incidents.

Information security

Given the advanced current state of technology,
one of the key threats for modern enterprises is the use
of electronic tools and operations in cyberspace
to illicitly extract sensitive information.

Aurora advises on available technological solutions
which, combined with the trainings we offer,
significantly bolster the security of information
within companies.

Counterintelligence operations

We have a professional team to deal with the technical
aspects of counter-intelligence operations as well as
an instructional team to provide training on the prevention
of direct surveillance threats.

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