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Aurora Intelligence is a risk advisory and business intelligence company
specializing in due diligence solutions, specialized investigative services and business risk management.

Our goal is to find the solutions that give our clients the strategic edge, regardless of their predicament.
Whether we are engaged in pre-investment due diligence, complex investigative operations or risk advisory projects, our goal remains the same – to help our clients make the right business decisions or resolve an impasse.

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We combine know-how in the legal, financial, due diligence,
IT and business intelligence fields, thanks to which our clients
can be assured that we understand every aspect of their business
operations and provide them complete and cohesive solutions,
and not impractical, fragmented palliatives.

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Our team’s years of experience in various areas of business
activity in Poland and abroad, along with our capacity
to operate globally, allows us to offer a highest level of quality
for due diligence, investigative and risk advisory services.

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We believe that every problem has a solution if approached with the right toolkit, knowledge and resolve.
In our operations, we rely on complete and precise solutions that lead to the desired results.

We are here to assist and protect.

Your business is important for us and we want it to be safe.
Our corporate and IT security experts are practitioners whose experience comes from management positions in Polish listed companies, public administration bodies and law enforcement.

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We help clients working across a wide spectrum of sectors, among them: